Professinelle LED-Beleuchtung für industriehallen von SITOLUX

LED-Lighting for Industrial Halls

Energy saving, safe and environmentally friendly

Especially in industrial halls, the right lighting is one of the most important factors for high productivity and a safe, stress-free work environment.

It is scientifically proven that most accidents occur in lighting below 500 lux. It was also established, that optimum lighting increases the employees productivity by up to 50%, as fatigue phenomena are measurably reduced. Likewise, employees will also become less sick.

Read the report of the Fraunhofer Institute on the physiological-biological effect of light on health here (only german version available)

Efficiency enhancement with intelligent lighting systems

A modern lighting technology allows companies to save up to 90% of energy for lighting. Suitable LED Illuminants are the first choice. But only in combination with an intelligent light control system can a maximum saving be realized. For example, production or storage areas are illuminated only when it is necessary rather than to be illuminated continuously.

SITOLUX LED lighting for production halls helps your company with:

  • Increasing productivity of employees
  • Ensuring more workplace safety
  • Reducing the health statistics

And also, of course:

  • Save up to 90% energy costs for lighting     
  • Reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions

All SITOLUX LED luminaires are extremely durable (up to 75,000 hours of operation) and are manufactured in Germany according to the latest European guidelines.
Our LED luminaires have an enormous efficiency of up to 160 lm / W system performance.

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