LED Panels für Büros, Praxen, Rasterdecken, Odenwalddecken, Indoorsport

LED Lighting for Offices

Energy-saving, motivating and healthy

The right lighting for efficiency, productivity and the well-being of your employees.

Anyone who wants to influence the activity and willingness of his or her employees to be successful depends on the appropriate and correct lighting in the offices.

This requires an expert and professional planning. Light planners take glare values and light colors into account in order to provide the best illumination for a healthy work environment.

SITOLUX LED panels are the right choice. They replace grid lights in oden wood ceilings and save over 60% electricity compared to conventional louvre lights.

SITOLUX LED lighting for offices helps your company:

• To increase the well-being, the willingness to perform and the activity of your employees

And also, of course:

Save over 60% energy costs for lighting
Reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions

All SITOLUX LED luminaires, manufactured in Germany according to the latest European directives, are extremely durable (up to 75,000 hours of operation).
Our LED luminaires have an enormous efficiency of up to 160 lm / W system performance.

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