LED Leuchten für Straßenbeleuchtung, Straßenlampen, Retrofit

LED Lighting for Roads and Outdoor Installations

Economical, environmentally friendly and safe.

The requirements for street lighting are first and foremost economic efficiency, environmental friendliness and safety.
With LED lighting solutions, these requirements are more than met. At the moment, most of the streetlights are operated with high-pressure mercury vapor lamps (HQL), which, however, may no longer be distributed since April 1, 2015, by EU decision.

Good lighting of streets and public facilities increases the well-being and the quality of life in cities and communities.

Street lighting with LEDs allows the precise light alignment  and thus contributes to a considerable reduction in light pollution, which is suspected of causing serious diseases in humans and animals. In addition, the use of LED streetlights reduces insect deaths around conventional streetlights.

Through the additional use of intelligent lighting systems, LED streetlights can be controlled to the respective requirements, so that e.g. the power can be reduced down to 10 % in peripheral regions. This is done e.g. by using daylight sensors or motion detectors.

SITOLUX LED lighting for streets and outdoor installations helps you:

• To Increase the quality of life in your community or city
• To reduce accidents
• To increase safety
• To minimize light pollution
• To minimize the pollution of road lights
• To counteract insect deaths at street lights

And also, of course:

Save up to 75% energy costs for lighting
Reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions

All SITOLUX LED luminaires, manufactured in Germany according to the latest European directives, are extremely durable (up to 75,000 hours of operation).
Our LED luminaires have an enormous efficiency of up to 160 lm / W system performance.

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