LED Flutlicht Strahler für Sportplätze, Sportstätten, Tennisplätze, Außenanlagen

LED lighting for sports facilities

Energy-saving, performance-enhancing and safe.

Those who want to illuminate sports facilities should not leave anything to chance. Each competition class has its own standards and rules in lighting, which are regulated by the respective associations. Furthermore, floodlight systems are divided in three lighting classes; these are specified by the DIN EN 12193, from leisure time to international competition.
Therefore, the current and planned competition level must be defined beforehand. A later lighting upgrade must be planned at the same time.
The use of LED floodlight systems has now become established here. Thanks to innovative cooling systems, LED Floodlights achieve a high firing time of at least 50,000 hours. For example, with an operating time of 5 hours per day, adds up to a service life of approx. 27 years!

SITOLUX LED floodlights offer the advantage of different beam angles by individual lens fitting. As a result, the luminaires have less stray light, which avoids lighting the surrounding terrain. The LED spotlights can create optimal and even light conditions with the different beam angles. The cost savings, of up to 75% in electricity consumption, when using LED floodlight is enormous. Furthermore, maintenance plays an important role in cost calculation. The LED luminaires can also score points because they are almost maintenance-free. In addition, LED flood lights are far less visited by insects and thereby become a lot less soiled.

SITOLUX LED lighting for sports facilities helps you:

• To increase the performance of athletes
• To prevent accidents

And also, of course:

Save up to 75% energy costs for lighting
Reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions

All SITOLUX LED luminaires, manufactured in Germany according to the latest European directives, are extremely durable (up to 75,000 hours of operation).
Our LED luminaires have an enormous efficiency of up to 160 lm / W system performance.

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