LED-Beleuchtung für Warenhäuser und Supermärkte

LED lighting for Supermarkets and Wholesale Markets

Energy-saving, safe and environmentally friendly

Nowadays it is known, that buying decisions are strongly influenced by the markets structure and construction. This is due to the correct lighting of the goods area in the supermarket or the wholesale market. With the use of LED lighting, the various requirements can be met.

Not only do the sales increase, but also the lighting energy costs are vastly reduced, considering that the lighting costs are second, after the cost of refrigerators and freezers. The main reasons for this are the enormous energy savings, but also the lighting maintenance costs.

Thus the selection of the right lighting is an essential part of a market concept.

SITOLUX has an LED linear luminaire specifically for lighting in markets, which can be labeled for a clear sorting and organizing of goods.

SITOLUX LED lighting for supermarket and wholesale market helps your company:

• To increase sales
• To guide the customers in the market
• To make the goods organization clear to the customer

And also, of course:

• Save up to 90% energy costs for lighting
Reduce CO2 and sulfur emissions

All SITOLUX LED luminaires, manufactured in Germany according to the latest European directives, are extremely durable (up to 75,000 hours of operation).
Our LED luminaires have an enormous efficiency of up to 160 lm / W system performance.

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